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March 22nd, 2005

12:29 am - Listen if you let me, I'll be the reason you smile
Sorry for not updating in the past days. I've been busy.. er sort of. For the most part it was just laziness. Hah, my bad.

Anywho, it was cool seeing all of you again at the filming. I didn't have too many lines.. which isn't all that bad. I had to be in the background in a couple of scenes.. either way it was still fun.
Can't wait to finish shooting the rest of the episode.
Hm, so drama or what? Sorry to everyone thats been hurt lately, not tryin to get in it, but just sayin I know that you'll make it thru. Just keep your chin up.

So, Melissa and me are doin' great. If I'm not mistakin we're a thing now. No drama though, that's not how we roll. Except for tonight, because Melissa's ex, Evan decided to be a dick to her.
I wake up and Mel picks me up to see The Ring 2 (ha, we didn't even finish seeing it.. because she was too scared :-P) We went back to her place, we walk in the door, kissing and whatnot and this freak Evan is chillin on the couch. The guy steps to me like he's some big shot. I got kind of pissed cause Mel said to Evan "Oh this is Aubrey, I work with him" and a few hours earlier we were official, what the shit? Oh well, just gotta deal. But thats where the root of my anger came from Dude straight up pissed me off, made Mel cry so she had to seperate us. I went and chilled outside 'cause I didn't want to be inside with that guy. He left, she layed down and fell asleep on me, whata dork who does that?! :-P
I left her a note saying "Cerfews are dumb" straight to the point, gotta love it. With a kiss on the cheek, and I bounced. ::insert group awww's here::

She's a real cool girl though and I love every minute of hanging out.. it's like we just click well.

"Its hard to measure the pleasure of havin' you in my presence
Your smile makes me smile, I'll show you my style
We can shop a lil bit, I pick out my shit
One pair at a time, till your shoe games sick
Now who knows what the future holds, we'll be together probably
For better or worst, like Whitney and Bobby"
- 50 cent

But gotta get to sleepin', school kicked my ass today, and if I don't sleep now.. it will tomorrow too.
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: Build You Up - 50 Cent ft Jaimie Foxx

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March 17th, 2005

04:29 pm - (003) You always lookin fly
Let me start off by sayin thanks to everyone who came last night. It was real cool, chill, and pretty tight.
After everyone left I cleaned up and talked to Melissa online, we were both feelin pretty creeped out cause we hate bein home alone. She came over, it was nice. I made her some mean grilled cheese sandwhiches. Owned her in a game of pool and she beat me in pinball (only cause I let her win). Adam Sandler is the shit, and it was obvious she thought so too, she knew like every line.
She left around 3 am.. I had some trouble fallin asleep but I fell asleep eventually.

Things have been chill at the pad, have the music blastin right now. I hate silence it drives me nuts. So needless to say anyone wants to chill tomorrow or maybe for a little while today.
I'm takin Melissa out tonight, I owe her for takin me out that one night for drinks. Plus I'm gonna get her to finally tell me who her crush is.

Well, I'm gonna go jump in the shower and chill then call up Melissa.
Get at me
- Aubrey
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: Don't Get No Better - Cassidy

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March 16th, 2005

04:11 am - (002) I should have known that you would lead me on girl..
I'm starting to like the way things are going

So I woke up kind of early, updated this livejournal thing and then my friend Sean stopped by. I use to live in the same neighborhood as him before I moved into the house I'm living at now.
He's a cool guy. He brough over two joints so we smoked them both. I hadn't done it in a while so I figured "eh, why not?"
Came home jumped in the shower and went shoppin with the moms.
Bought myself some new kicks and a couple of shirts, chilled for a while then I fell asleep. It sucks, I hate waking up after getting high because I always feel even more tired than before. :-\
Anyways.. after talkin on AIM for a while Melissa came over and we went to go get some drinks.

She told me how she was in love with Kevin Smith, and we agreed my beer belly is sexy. After jokin around for a while we went for a walk, it was beautiful outside, but we had some unwanted company.
This dude was takin pictures of us so we booked it. We got lost, couldn't find our way back to the car.. no matter how much she isnsists we weren't lost.. I knew we were.
She drove me home and we chilled, talked one on one for a while. She's always been a real chill cool chick on the set and I've always had this huge crush on her and I'm glad we got to hang out.
Melissa had some call back tomorrow and I know how those things go so she went home. Things were definatly tight, and I would not mind hanging with her again.

Now I'm here, randomley at 4 am, I can't sleep. I keep thinkin bout that kiss her and I shared
Got me thinkin bout some stuff, like the party tonight.
Here's the FYI: Aiight, it's gonna be at my house tonight at around 10 p.m. The reason it's at 10 is because my parents flight for NY doesn't leave til about 9:30 so by the time I get home and whatnot it'll be around 10-ish. I'll send yall an IM when it's cool to come over. My 'rents don't get back in til Saturday morning so if you need a place to crash that's cool also. I'm supplying the beer, there'll be 2 kegs, plenty of liquor, malt-beverages (Bacardi and Smirnoff), you wanna bring anything else that's cool too (including weed). It'll mainly just be us who act on Degrassi, but if you wanna bring your significant other thats cool too.
Any other questions hit me up on AIM and I'll answer them.

"Now I feel a little woozy
'Cause I really want to see her face once more
Now this woman got me messed up in my head
I forgot about my thoughts and what I said
All I can remember is one night more than one hour on one floor"

Well, my hyperness is windin down, so I'm gonna get goin'.
Leave me a lot of comments, 'cause like Deanna, I'm an attention-whore. lol
- Aubs
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: Red Light (Remix) - Usher ft Ludacris

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March 15th, 2005

10:58 am - (001) Baby, I'm back, yeah..
Whats goin down? Haha, that's right, I, Aubrey, finally got a livejournal.
I had to, c'mon, how could I not? After hearing you guys ramble on about it, you left a guy kinda curious as to what the deal was with this thing.. and let's just say I can see why you guys love it.

I've been just chillin lately, since work has kind of winded down for the time being. Been doin the usual, playing basketball, writing music and talkin to you guys when I can.
Still living the single life.. but what can a guy do? Gotta keep my head up, right?
I'm dying to hang with any of you.. especially you Stac, felt like we haven't hung out in a while.
Hit me up on AIM (incase any of you don't know it) it's CrazyBallaAubs
Yeah, so I really couldn't come up with anything creative for my LJ so I thought, why not use my AIM name? hah

Speaking of creative, someone hook it up with a better LJ layout because I'm really lost when it comes to that html stuff.

My rents are going out of town this Wednesday, I'm thinkin of throwin a party.. tell me if you'd come and whatnot.. bring your own stuff if you want, I'll supply the beer, anything else you gotta bring.
Well, that's all I gotta say for now, hit me up on AIM for a chat though.
- Aubrey
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Baby I'm Back - Baby Bash ft Akon

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